The Classes are bought in advance as a half-term block, normally 6 classes for £50, or a full-term block of 12 classes for £95. Blocks run alongside school term times, with no classes during half-term. Term lengths can vary according to school dates – some half-terms may be 5 weeks long, sometimes 7. Prices per term will reflect accordingly.

During some of the longer school holidays (Summer, Easter & Christmas) we usually run a reduced timetable of pre-bookable classes and sometimes in the half-term holidays aswell.

We also operate a credit system. If you know you are unable to make one of your normal classes in the half-term block, and you let us know in advance; a credit will be issued, which you can use to swap to another class which has a space, that same week; or at a later date when convenient during the same term. Credits may only be carried over to the subsequent term with prior agreement. Please see Terms & Conditions page for further information.

The new Spring term begins w/c 6th January, 2020.  The first half-term is 6 weeks long (£50), finishing w/e 14th February.  Then comes the February half-term holiday w/c 17th February, so no classes that week.  The second half-term then follows w/c 24th February (6 weeks £50) finishing w/e 3rd April.  The cost of the full Spring term is £95 in advance.

​​​Please contact Julie 07788 648438 or email juleskimber@tewinpilates.com, Lucy Dicks 07799 661255 email lucy.dicks@gmail.com or Jill Dyer 07817 447308 or email  jilldyer07@gmail.com regarding availability on the courses.

Lucy, Jill and I also offer 1:1 session in your home priced £40 per hour. Cost for 2 Clients £60, 3 Clients £75. We also offer movement assessments for new clients with special injury concerns before starting our classes.


All private lessons must be cancelled with a minimum of 24-hours notice; otherwise the private lesson will be payable in full.