Pilates Classes

All classes, which follow the Body Control teaching method; are bought in advance as a block.

The classes in each block are designed to show a progression of exercises over a 6 week/half-term and 12 week/full term. Sometimes half-terms can be 5, 6 or 7 weeks long, depending on the school dates/bank holiday dates, which our terms align with. We also run a reduced timetable of classes during the main school holidays which are booked individually and paid for separately.

Classes use different pieces of equipment to help strengthen the core and improve general flexibility of the spine and joints.

Due to coronavirus and subsequent health and hygeine precautions, we are now unable to share equipment.  All equipment is available for purchase from us, we also offer a Starter Kit for £28; plus you will need to bring your own mat.











We have 23 classes running weekly; the majority are face-to-face and we also have a couple of zoom classes. All classes are mixed ability, apart from our two Gentle Pilates classes. Here is our timetable for the Spring Term from the 3rd Jan, 2023: