Lucy Dicks

My name is Lucy and I was really excited to join Julie at Tewin Pilates. I had always enjoyed doing Pilates as part of my own exercise routine, but it wasn’t until I finally took the plunge and made a complete career change from being an executive assistant in central London to training to be a Pilates teacher, that I fully appreciated the importance of Pilates in all aspects of my life. After a Pilates class, I leave feeling stronger and relaxed but also invigorated and revitalised (and sane!) again. Pilates is an exercise system that teaches good posture and body awareness through flowing but precise movements. It improves flexibility, mobility and core stability as well as promoting concentration and relaxation. More importantly, it teaches us to move.

The only thing better than doing Pilates myself is teaching the method to others. And the wonderful thing about Pilates is that everyone can do it! There are so many different ways to adapt and modify the exercises, it makes it perfect for rehabilitation, the older adult, pre & post natal women, sports people and exercisers of all ability levels.I trained with Allison Swan (a founding member of the Pilates Foundation) because of her excellent teaching reputation and the comprehensive matwork course that she offers. Throughout the training, I worked with a diverse range of special populations and was able to witness first-hand the benefits that Pilates offers – to everyone.

I look forward to meeting you!


Level 3 Pilates matwork certification with Allison Swan
Pre & Post Natal Pilates certification with Rachel Rafiefar
Pilates for Older Adults
Pilates for specific conditions: Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Stroke recovery, Hypermobility, Scoliosis and other joint issues
Pilates for Breast Cancer
Pilates with Small Equipment

Lucy Dicks