Julie Kimber

My name is Julie Kimber and I began practising Pilates over 18 years ago. At the time I was suffering from lower back pain and various niggling injuries which was affecting my enjoyment of sport. I had played hockey at a good standard for many years and had always kept very fit; so it was frustrating to realise that perhaps age was catching up with me. My physio recommended I try Pilates and so I went along to a local class. I was fairly skeptical at first, as I had tried various gym fitness classes in the past to supplement my regular hockey training, but had never enjoyed or kept any of them up. However once I got into my Pilates course I became absolutely hooked. I really noticed the difference it was making to my strength and flexibility (despite me thinking I was pretty fit already!) and after a while my lower back pain completely disappeared.

In 2012 I decided to train as a teacher and discovered that the best teachers I had worked with had all trained with Body Control. This prompted me to sign up with Body Control Pilates because of the excellent and thorough training they receive. I have not looked back since.


Body Control Level 3 Matwork
Body Control Intermediate Matwork
Body Control Pilates with the Foam Roller
Body Control Pre and Post-Natal Pilates
Body Control Pilates for the Older Person
Body Control Pilates on the Swiss Ball
Body Control Pilates for Sports Performance
Body Control Pilates for Golfers
Body Control Pilates for Runners
Body Control Pilates for Equestrians
Body Control for Better Mental Health

Other Qualifications:

BA (Hons) Art & Design
PGCE Art & Design Secondary Teacher

Julie Kimber