All classes, which follow the Body Control teaching method, are bought in advance as a block. 

The classes in each block are designed to show a progression of exercises over a 6 week period. with each class using a different piece of equipment every week to help strengthen the core and improve general flexiblity of the spine and joints.  

We have 19 classes running weekly, levels are as follows:

Monday Mornings        8.30am-9.30am - Improvers     Lucy 

Monday Afternoons      1.15pm-2.15pm - Impovers    Julie       

Tuesday Mornings        9.15am-10.15am - Improvers       Julie   
                                   10.30am-11.30am -  Intermediate/Adv    Julie

                                   11.45am-12.45pm - Beginners/Rehab   Lucy
Tuesday Evenings         6.10pm-7.10pm - Beginners Plus    Lucy
                                   7.15pm-8.15pm - Intermediate   Lucy
                                   8.20pm-9.20pm - Improvers Lucy

Wednesday Mornings   9.15am-10.15am - Improvers    Julie
                                   10.30am-11.30am -  Intermediate/Adv    Julie              
Wednesday Evenings   7pm-8pm  - Improvers    Julie

Thursday Mornings     9.15am-10.15am - Improvers    Lucy
                                  10.30-11.30am - Intermediate      Lucy

                                  11.45-12.45pm - Beginners/Rehab    Lucy
Thursday Evenings      7pm-8pm - Beginners Plus   
                                  8.15pm-9.15pm  - Improvers    Julie

Friday Mornings         9.15am - 10.15am  -  Intermediate     Julie          
                                  10.30am - 11.30am  -  Intermediate    Julie
                                  11.50am-12.50pm - Beginners Plus    Lucy     

Class numbers are limited to 10 to ensure maximum attention.  10 being the regular class size with 2 extra spaces for clients using credits where they have missed their usual class.  

Please contact Julie to check for class availability:  07788 648438 or e.mail: juleskimber@tewinpilates.com​